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Club zed

What is it?

How does it work?

Club zed not only offers you unlimited downloads but lets you share your experiences with 1000’s of other users around the world with Zed People. Club zed members get access to their own Blog, Email and Station messenger application for their mobile and PC.

Station PC and Mobile lets you upload new pictures and videos directly to your zed profile 24hrs a day and on the go. It also lets you know when your friends are online and gives direct access to all our cool products from your mobile and PC.

How can I get Clubzed?

To become a member of Club zed you can either send an advertised keyword to 8007 or enter your mobile number on the website. Then we’ll send you a link to our wap shop where you can use your unlimited downloads or if you prefer the website. We’ll also send you billing message which include lots of helpful info about Club zed. You should also receive one free message telling you exactly what you’ve subscribed to and how to stop your membership.

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